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Dear Family, I need your prayers. there is a situation in my fellowship group that I see coming my way and the Church will blamed on me. there is a high authority person that is fluting with me. I don't want the same thing to happen like at the other Church. They accused me of adultery I did no
Brook Anonymous AZ


Please pray that I am able to get in college in the fall semester. I am going for nursing. I know it is hard work yet I know Jesus can help me through and graduate and be a successful Nurse. All glory be to God.
Mrs. Black


Family I really need this new year and the rest of my life to be blessed. My family health I ask God to continue to help me to drop weight for my health reasons. my finances, relationship, peace in this place where I live. In 1996 a Church person raped me and this people are angry because I turned
Anonymous frm AZ


Please pray that my children will come to receive Christ in 2016. Also please pray for me for spiritual & physical healing, a husband, financial miracle, deliverance and to be successful in 2016. Thank you and may God ontinue to bless this ministry!


Please pray for my family for a blessed year. I will to finish college. We desire for great blessing and for our calling of God to come through that we may know and work to build up the Kingdom
Sis Darla Black


Pray the grace of God for our family. God knows I need healing in my family life.


Pray for the grave of God to bless my husband and I in our lives. We have battles but God is stronger. I to be delivered from fear .
Darla Black


I am praying for my children for devine intervention for peace ,good heath and financial break through
Bridget brown


Please pray for a financial breakthrough, I'm praying for an apartment development so that I can bring my mother here with me, to make it a little easier for me, I also have a vision of a ministry, an outreach/deliverance ministry that will Help hurting people In Jesus name, I pray foe guidan
Edna Gooch


Please keep Power of Worship in your prayers.


pray for my husband, who has been unemployed for years. Please pray for a miracle that he find a job, even though in the natural many things speak against him having a job (age, economy, etc.). With God all things are possible! Thank you for your prayers, be blessed!


Prayer of healing
Joyce Hill


Please pray that God will give me a paid position, as a teaching assistant in a local school.


5 years ago I had a breakdown and since then I have struggled with agoraphobia and panic attacks. my life has been severely restricted.


to be released from the unclean spirit
Roy Standard


Prayer for strength while we wait on God's timing and healing! Prayer for the nation to grow closer to God!
Joyce Hill


My request is that God will deliver me, refresh me, restore me ,guide me and walk with me. Empower me with His word and to have a true Holy Ghost encounter. I want to be free and obedient and a true worshipper and usher others into God's presence with the gifts that God has entrusted me with.
Warren Carelse

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I asked for prayer for my cousin daniel Romain, sister and.i also kept him in prayer.believinf that God would do a miracle. in his life.He recently came.out of prison about a year ago.and.about three weeks ago he was with his friends.and.of.of.them shot someone. everyone fleed the scene but he


God has stopped the eviction of my family that was to take place yesterday.I am singing praises to my God He has done mighty things. Hallelujah THERE IS NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD.
Fiona Thompson


I am listening to this station as I am generating documentscontracts on my computer and the music and programs that are coming from this station makes working at home so pleasant. God Bless the POW Family for your dedication and spiritual encouragement.
Beverly Gordon


Please pray for healing for me - since i remove my wisdom tooth i have been having a lot a discomft


Praise God for this ministry, We stand with you in upholding God's Holy word. I have been forever changed by this ministry. I am in a morning prayer group and we continue to lift up our nation and this ministry.
Beverly J Gordon


A few months ago I was in a deep depression and I herd Evangelist Anton praying and pleading the blood over that spirit. He spoke so many encouraging words that catapulted my spirit back to the spiritual realm. We are truly blessed to have such a powerful heavy weight in the spiritual realm that war
Cheryl Murphy


It is hard to comprehend the unconditional and unfailing Love that God has for us. It is so comforting to know that we serve the God of the Universe who is always there for us. This ministry has helped me to really reviverenew my relationship with God, to re-focus, and to put God at the forefront
Beverly Gordon


I love the version of 'He knows my name" by PASTOR Rob, I request for a playlist of this hour by hour and day by day. Thanks


The music of God never ends,only the dancers get tired. Something tells me this is your season of miracles and its your turn to dance in 2016 in JESUS mighty name. Happy new year friends.
Francis Canada


It is not 'unspiritual' to be attached but 'unscriptural' to be defeated, we are more than conqueror because our Lord knows our name. It is well in Jesus Name.
Francis Canada

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Raising and Sending God's Prophetic Army /w Apostle Marc Richardson and Apostle Derrick Vercher Saturday @7pm Feb. 20th 2016 Clarion Hotel 6400 Oxon Hill Rd. Oxon Hill MD. 20745. For more information go to
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